Hacking a Laptop Keyboard

How might old laptop keyboards be recycled and upgraded to be wireless? After breaking down a few old laptops I had, I decided to figure out how to decode the matrix in keyboard keys and create a controller that translates the input to output. Although it might be cheaper to buy a wireless keyboard, this task is meant to apply sustainability in hardware recycling.

Need Parts (6/1/17):

So as I pursue this project alongside recycling LCD screens, I’m collecting parts that allow me to easily diagnose different pins of a ribbon circuits (FFC – flat flexible circuits, or FPC – flexible printed circuits). The parts that I need include FFC connectors and a simple PCB that splits the pins. A good one is the 60-pin FFC connector breakout board on Ebay ($2). For LCD screens which tend to have more pins, I’ll see if a smaller FFC (e.g. 50-pin) can be used with a larger FFC connector (60-pin) to save money.