First Website!

Started this website from scratch to learn the essentials in html/css and JQuery. I worked non-stop on this site, but it still needs some tweaking. Stick around to see what improvements I might make, especially for the blog. For now, this portfolio is optimized for standard monitors.

Edit (6/1/17):

So everything seems to be in order. You know that feeling when you work on something for so long and the solution was so simple? Yeah, I realized that I could just (actually, I had to) hijack a wordpress theme to utilize the functions and pages that were specific to the theme. For example, the twentyseventeen built-in theme already creates a separate webpage for single posts, which I was trying to figure out how to do for the longest time. In the beginning, I had all themes disabled, so the webpage wasn’t being generated. Essentially, all I had to do was reorganize my CSS, PHP, and JQuery files in different folders, when I thought they all had to be in the same folder. The next step is to optimize for mobile, which I’ve been successful in different versions of this site. Since I’ve fixed functionality, I can work on optimization now.